Taking Service-Learning to a Higher Level of Achievement Through
Building Personal Character – Scholastic Achievement
Developing Leaders – Service to the Community

The Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal for Elementary School Students, the Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal for Middle & High School, and the Service-Learning Guide & Journal - Higher Education Edition, by Robert Schoenfeld, are designed to help your students organize their Service-Learning project, improve their thinking and writing skills, and increase their test scores. The Student’s Guide & Journal publications will aid your students in their pursuit of scholastic achievement, while at the same time guiding and inspiring them to take their service to their community and the nation to a higher level of accomplishment.

The Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal is a useful resource for any Service-Learning project, such as Environmental Programs, Tutoring and Mentoring Programs, helping the Homeless and the Hungry, and many more.

Service-Learning Directors are delighted with the books.

Emily Lopez, Director of the New Beginnings Program at the New York West Side YMCA, comments that: "The Service Learning Journals are great! The journals provided direction for our students and the students were able to see their progress. As for the YMCA service providers (the teachers and case managers), they were able to track & assess the academic and social growth of their students. A very valuable tool for the educational development for our youth!"

The mission of the Service-Learning—Student’s Guide & Journal is to:
  • Make it easy for the teacher to start and operate a successful Service-Learning Program.
  • Help the student make Service-Learning a meaningful, educational, and fun experience.
  • Help the student combine classroom academic standards with service to the community.
  • Help establish nationwide Service-Learning standards for motivation, guidance, and evaluation.
  • Facilitate communication between student, teacher, and the community service provider.
  • Give all participants a clear vision of the goals of Service-Learning.
  • Facilitate the student’s growth in personal character.
  • Guide each student toward maximum success.
  • Give the student the opportunity to document his or her service and to compose personal reflections and journals.
  • Encourage the student to make a commitment and be accountable to the project.
The Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal utilize extensive journals for creative composition, charts to verify the student’s service, graphs to measure the student’s progress, and directed questions to elicit positive personal reflection from the student.

Topics include:
  • What is Service-Learning?
  • How Do I Benefit from Performing a Service-Learning Project?
  • How to Create a Service-Learning Project
  • Fulfilling Academic Standards
  • Qualities of a Leader
  • Principles of a Successful Person
  • Find a Mentor / Be a Mentor
  • Gaining Wisdom
  • Building Personal Character
  • Civic Engagement–Creating a Better Future
  • Reflection
  • Websites
  • Inspirational Stories of Teens Who Have Changed the World
  • Postcard addressed to the President of the United States (Elementary School edition only)

The Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal will help your students make their Service-Learning projects a more meaningful, educational, and character-building experience.


Service-Learning – Guide & Journal Higher Education Edition
Mentor’s Guide & Journal (Available 2006)
Mentee’s Guide & Journal (Available 2006)
High School Four-Year Guide & Journal (Available 2006)


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